Where is it written that one must ask to go to the moon?

From today’s WSJ….

U.S. Set to Approve Moon Mission by Commercial Space Venture

Startup proposes to land payload of scientific gear on lunar surface some time next year

I understand the United States signed and ratified a treaty, Outer Space Treaty of 1967,  to greatly restrict exploration of space.  However, that act was ill conceived and should be modified to eliminate government involvement in private industry’s exploration and possible commercialization of space. The treaty attempts to keep celestial heavens free of WMD, open to all nations, and require government to be a gatekeeper of space. This treaty will only hold back commercial and scientific progress and with government control, eventually space become a corrupted zone dominated by corporate lobbyists and ideology-driven politicians.

Listen to a wise observation…..

Columbus did not seek a new route to the Indies in response to a majority directive.

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