Axiom: American’s are not well informed


Too many uninformed Americans are enabling the administration to lay claim to a 4.7% unemployment rate without challenge. If these same citizens would become literate about economics, politics, current events, and our economy perhaps there would be real change happening in America. Instead, we have legions of dolts accepting whatever government of the MSM says about our economy without any critical analysis of their claims.

Here is a recent example of a government pronouncement being largely unchallenged by uniformed citizens.

Unemployment down to 4.7%

If unemployment calculated as it was until the Kennedy administration the U6 unemployment rate would be 23%. See chart above. Would people not be a bit angry at the administration’s economic performance if they knew unemployment was at 23%?

The crowing about all of the new jobs would be challenged if we had more literate citizens. What is happening without any outcry is approaching a criminal manipulation (read fraud) of employment numbers to make it appear there is job growth by our elected officials.

“John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics has parsed the BLS numbers carefully. He reports that the BLS inflates its monthly account of new hires with approximately 200,000 fake jobs, including jobs conjured up by its so-called “Birth/Death Model” that are meant to account for new employment in startup companies that are too new to count.

Notwithstanding the fact that the BLS has been adding an average of 200,000 fake jobs to the monthly payroll report in recent years (as confirmed by the March 2015 benchmark downside revisions that subtracted 206,000 jobs), the actual employment picture has become so weak that they have brazenly added additional monthly upside biases”.¹

Wake up America before it’s too late.

  1. Davidson, J. D. (2016, June 18). Fake Jobs Plague the U.S. Economy. Retrieved June 22, 2016, from Fake Jobs Plague the U.S. Economy



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