Is the empire in danger?

For better part of the current century, Americans see via the multitude of news mediums, stories depicting a weakening of the American Empire.  Almost daily, we see lower economic prosperity , diminishing social cohesion, and faltering international relations devolving our nation into despair and chaos. Seeing this reoccurring montage and showing  some level of concern is not a form of paranoia or being Chicken Little. One can reasonably infer that America is in trouble; maybe not quite to the extent of Thomas Cole’s 1836 depiction below but looking at the White House’s Friday night dump of the prediction of 1.9% GDP growth for 2016, the recent civil unrest in Dallas and other American cities, and the ISIS inspired slaughters around the world one could  with solid sanity conclude America is sliding into a morass of growing poverty and violence.

What can be done? This is not an easy question to answer however, only a fool would advocate for a continuation of the status quo big government.  So please become educated to perils facing us and speak to others about our ills so someday, American citizens will demand a real change and remove the shackles this big government has on its citizens.




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