America’s addiction to its Government

In looking at the upcoming congressional election I began to ponder why change is so elusive.  This led me to:

Large shifts in partisan control of U.S. House are uncommon

Large shifts in partisan control of U.S. House are uncommon

Upon further examination and holding a general knowledge of our nation’s government, I propose gerrymandering and being dependent on the dole (personal and corporate) encourages stasis in some of the stagnate House districts.  I suspect some districts with large corporations do not want to change their sugar daddy. Likewise, in areas where the rate of public assistance is high, there would be resistance to cut off funding from Uncle Sam. Although, you do see shifts in the elections of 94, 06, 10; however, they seem to be a populous repudiation of the chief executive.

My thesis of economic dependence on the federal government as shown in the chart seen in this link made me question as to what would happen to the economy if interest rates and debt were more normalized and in balance – removing corps and public from dole.  Would we see massive shifts in the make up of congress? Maybe, but not likely, instead I see a pessimistic looking Japan as a model of our economic future.