Make America great – step 1

If I hear this bromide again I will scream! However, here in this post is the first suggestion in an ongoing list of changes that would greatly improve the quality of life for Americans and more importantly, support the American birthright of liberty.

Step 1 Removing Government from Civil Life

Charles Murry suggested this as a solution in his book, What It Means To Be A Libertarian.  Implementing the removal of government from our daily lives would be a major change to America however, the removal of the corrupt and inefficient state from our society would free the American people from the current us (producers of wealth) versus them (takers of the producers’ wealth) wars which are driving Americans apart. In a government-less America, freedom and human dignity could be restored and cooperative, innovative, and market-driven solutions to societal problems would take hold.


Murray, C. A. (1997). What it means to be a libertarian: A personal interpretation. New York: Broadway Books.


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