Why is it the cowardly ruling elite or even the American people refuse to discuss the failing Ponzi schemes funding our entitlement programs?  Could it be they and the vast majority of American people believe the funding will magically appear if they do not think about it; is it a ‘bad’ political move to acknowledge the abject failure of the state to uninformed voters; or is something else?

Looking at the systemic under funding/over promising of Americas’ sacrosanct social programs will certainly cause great distress to all but the most seriously financially illiterate but yet, this fast approaching catastrophe is all but ignored in our political discourse.

Referencing clearly shows over $104 trillion of under funding of the lefts’ Social Security and Medicare programs.  I have yet to hear a cogent argument that this data is incorrect or that there is a real solution to this problem.

All Americans whether, statists or liberty seeking patriots should demand a honest debate of this problem before it is too late.




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