Follow up to, Can this continue

An update to this message below regarding our growing debt.  In this year’s campaign, we hear a great deal of hyperbole about debt free college (Hillary) and free child care (Trump + Hillary) “new investment” (Trump and Hillary).   The two have also promised tax cuts for the middle class.  Because of the ignorance of the majority of the voters, people are supporting these candidates without demanding  a solution as how to pay for all of these gifts.  Hillary has stated she will tax the rich and Trump has not said how he would pay beyond growing the economy and eliminating waste.
I did a little model of taxing the rich based on IRS 2014 Income Tax data.
Even if the capital gains rate was hiked to 30% and the top three tax brackets where set to 42, 44, and 48 percent, the gain in new revenue would be only $171,976,037 dollars. This change would likely hurt the economy, drive down GDP and investment while having negligible impact on our borrowing needs.  My conclusion is we do not have a taxing problem, we have a spending problem.

Is America a Banana Republic?

Whether one believes Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State to be in violation of federal law or not, you have to be concerned what our nation has become in terms of its pursuit of justice in this matter. One holding either view (it was a violation or it was not a violation of the law) on the aforementioned issue can reasonably suspect the United States has taken on the moniker of a banana republic in its handling of the matter.

The former president who may be part and parcel of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server met with the nation’s chief law enforcement office in a clandestine meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. You also have Barack Obama saying that Clinton did not endanger national security, and both the president and vice president endorsed her without waiting for the investigation to conclude.¹

Congress must reauthorize the automatic appointment of a special prosecutor in cases of suspected wrongdoing by high-level members of the executive branch of our government so that we are not a banana republic.