Can anyone dispute these statements?

 Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University and well known liberty loving commentator who has long spoke of the injustice of taxation and links it to state sponsored robbery.  His view can be validated in the following statement.

“Government income redistribution programs produce the same result as theft. In fact, that’s what a thief does; he redistributes income. The difference between government and thievery is mostly a matter of legality.”

Can anyone argue that one does not pay taxes under threat of punishment by the federal government?  Imagine, if you refused to pay the state. At best, you would be fined and at worst, you would be both fined and jailed.

Thomas Sowell, another brilliant economist and liberty loving commentator also spoke of the questionable action by the state when they take the fruits of labor from one hard-working individual and give it to another.

“What do you call it when someone steals someone else’s money secretly? Theft. What do you call it when someone takes someone else’s money openly by force? Robbery. What do you call it when a politician takes someone else’s money in taxes and gives it to someone who is more likely to vote for him? Social Justice”.

Are there any flaws in Williams’ or Sowell’s theses?

State corruption

Just the last few hours of corruption reports. When will America realize, the state is the enemy of their freedom and prosperity?

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Is Obama in cahoots with the Russians?

Pelosi lies again….

Schumer and the Russians, are all of our state actors speaking with them?

Was there ever and consideration of a potential conflict of interest at CNN?

Why are we hearing of this corrupt tactic again, isn’t this the way the Democrats pushed Obamacare through in the first place?

Isn’t Tesla a recipient of billions of US taxpayer dollars?

More Russian meetings by Democrats, is this a problem?

More money coming to the elitist state lovers called the ‘one percent’ via the Federal Reserve?

Are these corrupt corporatists?

Does anyone else just think this is weird?

ICE is operating fairly?

Lost liberty

Americans must awaken from their slumber, jump out of the boiling water, remove themselves from the slippery slope or whatever metaphor you so desire to really understand that we are losing our liberty.

Another example of government overreach was reported today. A Roseville, Michigan man was actually ticketed for warming up his unattended automobile.  This was not the case of a car being left unattended on a public street idling while its owner was nursing a beer at last call. No, this auto was in the man’s own driveway. This so called crime cost him $128 for the ticket but more importantly, this theft of personal liberty demonstrates how intrusive our government at all levels has become.

To see the story, please go to the WXYZ TV website.

What the state does

While reading Anatomy of the State by Murray Rothbard, one point leaps off the page at me where Rothbard speaks to the oppressiveness of the state with its acquisition of others’ resources. The political means Rothbard refers to is the state’s means for securing (siphons production) resources to support itself given its ability to forcibly, under the threat of imprisonment for noncompliance, tax peoples’ production.

“The “political means” siphons production off to a parasitic and destructive individual or group; and this siphoning not only subtracts from the number producing, but also lowers the producer’s incentive to produce beyond his own subsistence”.1

While it is possible to write volumes on the injustice of this means of wealth confiscation and its immoral nature, understanding its power holds the key to the method of stopping or slowing the state’s growth.  Simply put, all citizens should work towards eliminating or at least diminishing, the taxation of income (personal production).

1. Rothbard, Murray N., and Murray N. Rothbard. Anatomy of the state. Auburn, Ala.: Ludwig Von Mises Institute, 2009. Print

A tool of the statists

One method or tool the statists use to reward their friends and punish their enemies is through the US Tax Code or more officially know as U.S. Code: Title 26 – INTERNAL REVENUE CODE . This seventy-five thousand plus pages of rules and regulations is a plethora of tax breaks and loopholes for friends and punishment for those, who for whatever reason, are not fiends of the ruling oligarchy.  Wall Street Bankers, Hedge Fund Mangers, Oil Companies, Alternative Energy Providers, the non-producers of society, and the ever growing non-profit industry are some of the Oligarchy’s friends that readily come to mind.

The main enemy of the state are the working person who derives an income from a W2 reported salary and forced to surrender a large portion of it to the state. That theft along with deficit financing provide the resources to keep the state going.

Murry Rothbard said, “taxation is theft, purely and simply even though it is theft on a grand and colossal scale which no acknowledged criminals could hope to match. It is a compulsory seizure of the property of the State’s inhabitants, or subjects”.1

Rothbard was correct and if this crime by the state could be stopped we would become a more free, fairer, and prosperous society.

  1. Rothbard, Murray N. The Ethics of Liberty. New York: New York UP, 1998. Print.